Less than a container load (LCL) consignments involving multiple shipper consolidation to multiple consignee port to port . Essentially a reactive process ie no prior contact with suppliers or vendors. The activity is done by the forwarding wing where the consignment is initially carted at the nominated CFS . At the CFS, skilled operation staff supervises the LCL consolidation and stuffing into containers before movement into port to be on board the scheduled vessels.

CARGOMAR offers weekly LCL Consolidation to USA, CANADA, FRANCE, UK, IRELAND, PORTUGAL, NETHERLAND, BELGIUM, GERMANY and the major base ports in the MEDDITERRANEAN.

CARGOMAR specializes in BUYERS CONSOLIDATION. LCL / FCL ( Multiple shippers consolidation to a single nominated consignee/buyer) shipment involving pro-active management and liaison with suppliers at origin site ie managing supplier involving contact upon receipt of a copy of purchase order. Monitoring vendor compliance of the purchase order requirement. (QC checks letters of credit activity etc may also be involved). Vendor management involving proactive management of supplier(s) to ensure that they meet shipment schedules in terms of quantity, quality and availability of goods. This technique can also encompass vendor education and even the monitoring of vendors against agreed KPI ( key performance indicators). Order wise, Style wise stuffing in the container as per the requirement of the nominated Consignee is carried out in order to meet the distribution demands at buyer’s warehouse at destination.